Dr Paris Perry DDS, Kingston, NY 12401

Paris Perry - Dentistry in Kingston, NY 12401

Paris Perry is a physician specializing in Dentistry. He has earned the credential(s) of DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery) and is licensed to practice in the state of New York. Dr Perry's practice is located in Kingston at 2821 Route 209.

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Perry, Paris
Dr Paris Perry - (DDS)

2821 Route 209
Kingston, NY 12401-7661

Phone: 845-339-6868


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There is 1 review on PARIS PERRY
by LOCAL MOM - 8/8/2012
He shamed my 6 year old- called her a fibber when she said the drilling he was doing hurt her. Also asked her if she always cried in order to get her own way.

He also used the polisher he was using on her in her brother's mouth without changing or cleaning it. Very strange. He was sitting on my lap (2 year old)and not there for an appointment. I asked what the dr thought of a mark on his tooth and he very suddenly stuck the polisher in the toddler's mouth, which was startling to me and my child!

His bedside manner is terrible.

He also told me the marks were nothing to worry about but within 3 months my son had major decay where those "spots" were.

Damaged a tooth in my husband's mouth and he had to have the work redone by someone else.

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