Dr Susan Wynne DDS, Ducktown, TN 37326

Susan Wynne - Dentistry in Ducktown, TN 37326

Susan Wynne is a physician specializing in Dentistry. She has earned the credential(s) of DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery) and is licensed to practice in the state of Tennessee. Dr Wynne's practice is located in Ducktown at 317 Main Street.

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Wynne, Susan
Dr Susan Wynne - (DDS)

317 Main Street
Ducktown, TN 37326

Phone: 423-496-3720


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by JAN - 12/26/2013
After losing a longtime dentist to retirement, I found another wonderful dentist who soon moved away. I "shopped around" and have happily found Dr. Wynne and could not be more pleased! She is energetic, pleasant, efficient, and loves 50's music!! (I do too!) And her fees are not as high as some others, who seem to employ lots of staff who wander the halls ? I hope that people from the surrounding communities will schedule appointments with her and find like I did, that she is a rare gem that we are lucky to have in the tri-state area.
by SHANE - 10/26/2013
Dr. Wynne is FABULOUS! She is amazingly gentle, caring, comforting, educational and this is coming from someone who SOOOO dislikes going to the dentist! I will travel LONG distances to see her again and will not hesitate to be timely. With 'oops' experiences and other horror stories in my history, it is grand to find a great dentist who is thorough and truly cares. Thank you, Dr. Wynne!!

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