Dr Susan Haynes, Kingman, AZ 86409

Susan Haynes - Dentistry in Kingman, AZ 86409

Susan Haynes is a physician specializing in Dentistry. and is licensed to practice in the state of Arizona. Dr Haynes' practice is located in Kingman at 2065 Airway Ave Suite B.

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Haynes, Susan
Dr Susan Haynes

2065 Airway Ave
Kingman, AZ 86409-3656

Phone: 928-692-1100


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There is 1 review on SUSAN HAYNES
by TERRI HUTCHENS - 4/15/2015
I strongly recommend another dentist be consulted. I have had an absolutely miserable experience with this dentist (and so has a co-worker.) She charged in advance and then when services were unacceptable (a crown that was the wrong size and shape and was not only uncomfortable but caused pain - she would not replace it. She " remodeled it and tried to force it to fit and reshaped it so much it was filed "down to the metal" and still was misaligned, uncomfortable and caused pain. She basically told me that since I wasn't a doctor I didn't know what I was talking about-completely disrespectful to me as a patient and a human being. Her office manager was rude and obstructive, disrespectful and insensitive. I finally went to another dentist, who agreed it was badly done and a source of discomfort and pain; removed it quickly and easily and has replaced it-providing me with instant relief. Dr. Haynes refuses to make a refund- not even partial-let alone full. The statement that they make that as a business they "will make it right" is a bold faced fraud! She appears to be all about paying for the big new fancy office building, regardless of impact on the patients. " She definitely isn't practicing "do no harm! There are a lot of dentists in the area- even many women. Go elsewhere. You will not leave "lets' see you smile" with anything but a frown if your experience is like mine and my co-workers!

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