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1325 18TH ST. NW
SUITE # 206
Phone: (202) 331-0444
Fax: (202) 331-8980
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by L.O. on Sep 15, 2013

I had high hopes for my experience but sadly things did not work out well. I made an appointment on and the call back from the office staff was quick and courteous. Every time I had to call or change my appointment, the woman on the phone was professional and accommodating.

The receptionist and x-ray tech were both professional, courteous, and proficient.

Dr. Abebe was nice and had a fun demeanor. I noted that I wasn't having any problems with my teeth, that I was just there for a cleaning, and that my gums bleed very easily (this has always been the case despite years of following dentists orders). Dr. Abebe recommended a Rotodent (which I already have and use) along with Rx toothpaste (already use) and wash (she said it stains teeth so I wasn't thrilled). She informed me that I had some periodontal/gum issues and that she recommended a three-visit deep cleaning. Her financial rep was out of the office so no one could tell me how much this would cost out of pocket. I said I would like the cleaning and then I'd decide later, after finding out the price, if I wanted the second and third of the deep cleaning treatments. I was told that I had to come back. She would not do the cleaning until I agreed to the three-visit deep cleaning that insurance would not cover.

I expressed my frustration to the receptionist and to Dr. Abebe and I was told again that she would not clean my teeth until the deep cleaning was agreed to. It seemed to come from a good place - treating my gums and getting them healthy is great but I have a history of bleeding gums so this isn't going to be "cured" by a new dentist. I left having wasted my afternoon and my insurance benefits since I will still have to pay for the x-rays and exam and did not even get my teeth cleaned. I feel like her intent was great (healthiest teeth and gums) but the bait/switch approach is unprofessional. Now my teeth will remain uncleaned until I can find another dentist rather than being cleaned by a professional who I could then work with to manage my gums.

by Mender K. on Jul 24, 2012

I am [beyond] very satisfied with this office!

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