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SALINA, KS 67401-3035
Phone: (785) 404-6333
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by Gina on Sep 4, 2014

I would NEVER recommend this dental office. They lie to you and once confronted about the lies they try to pass the buck and are VERY rude. They did the wrong procedure on my family member and we even reminded them before the procedure what was to be done. They messed the tooth up so bad we ended up going to another dentist and the tooth had to be extracted.
I also believe they are billing the insurance companies wrong, they tried to tell us we were there as an emergency appointment. How can a scheduled appointment of a month be considered an emergency?
The only reason I gave them 1 star out of 5 is because that was the lowest to choose from when in fact it should be a negative five!

by JNLE on Aug 14, 2014

I highly do NOT recommend this dental office. They are rude an unprofessional all though they do not seem that way at first. They seem so nice and down to earth. That is until you have bad work down by them. They do not back up there work hardly at all. They messed up two of my family members mouths, overcharged us, and then tried to blame us and make excuses for their incompetency.The did little to nothing to correct there mistakes and we ended up screwed in the end. Beware! They are great until something goes wrong.

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