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10010 HIGHWAY 92
WOODSTOCK, GA 30188-6427
Phone: (770) 517-2688
Fax: (770) 517-2860
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by Ou Chewow on Oct 8, 2013

With a terrible toothache on a Friday - I called this office - it seemed every other dental office was closed on Friday. I was very grateful this office could squeeze me in. However, that's about the last good thing. Only after I was in the dental chair did I learn this practice doesn't offer gas to patients. I had a grueling root canal - and I do mean GRUELING. I guess the pain was barely worse than the taste of bleach. I was a wreck when I left. Then it took over 3 months to get my cap, by then my temporary cap had continually fallen off. The permanent cap didn't fit... so there was more grinding. Let me say - the staff is very nice, and the doctor I saw had great "chair-side" manner. And even the price wasn't bad at all. But I could never endure this type of dental service without gas - and I think the 3-month wait for a permanent cap was way outside of normal. Sorry Guys - can't really give you a good review. Hope others can!!!!

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