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STE. A27
HAMPTON, VA 23666-3200
Phone: (757) 262-0020
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by Natalie on Jan 24, 2014

It amazes me how this company is still in operation! They are exactly like Kool Smiles except they don't offer benefits. The receptionist have never worked in a dental office, nor have they ever been trained in dental insurance. The office manager is rude and unprofessional. They had one good doctor there and she left. (I don't blame her) It seems like all this company cares about is money and providing as much treatment as possible because they know the patients will not return. The employees are treated like crap and overworked. I saw one dental assistant literally walk out because she had been working non stop without a break. They schedule my for an appointment and im seen an hour later because of over scheduling. I never see anyone wash their hands or santize so that definately was a reason for me not to come back and it also seems as though they never have any supplies. Hopefully someone will read this and make some improvements.

by SP on Mar 12, 2013

Dentist is very clean and nice atmosphere. The receptionist never smiles; she looks like she hates her job. I had one wisdom tooth pulled there which went fine beside them having hard time trying to get my x-ray done it took five dental assistants. The doctor said I needed four filing. Which I set up appointments for. The doctor insisted I get a cleaning which I didn’t want so I declined. I came back for my filling to take place about month later. And told them I could only afford to get two fillings and I think something else is going on with another tooth. I also told the front desk that i had three more wisdom teeth pulled a week ago. The doctor at the front stated i should only get fillings that are not close to the wisdom teeth extraction sight. So i took her advice and told my doctor that. Well my doctor insisted i get a cleaning. And also told me in so many words she can do all filings regardless of the wisdom tooth extraction. Well the cleaning ONLY consisted of her taking a scalpel and picking at my teeth which hurt so bad. When she looked at my tooth that had been having problems she stated first it was a tooth she known about before(she never mention this to me before)which doesn’t not make sense because now I need five fillings instead of four . Well the cleaning ONLY consisted of her taking a scalpel and picking at my teeth which hurt so bad. I asked her why and she stated she didn’t do anything else because I had a lot of buildup. They put numbing gel on my filling site and did not wait for it to take effect before sticking with the huge needle i screamed and pain and her response was you shouldn’t feel this. then tried again. I moaned in pain. She responded you are too sensitive. well after much pain she went to grind my cavity out I felt pressure than a shocking pain that went through my tongue. it was unbearable. She responded well if you got your wisdom tooth out, this pain is no comparison. She Did not bother to numb me up more. Let me remind you she was working on two other patients beside me. going back and forth. During the filing the dental assistant kept forgetting I had my widom tooth taken out and irritated the site with cold air and water spray gun real bad. The doctor cut my lip as well . I had to leave with my bite off. The doctor said that normal because you are numb. Well I had to come back after numbness wore off because I couldn’t take the new bite. I was sore for two days my tongue was numb for two day and kept going into shock.

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