Dentist Registry
Do you need to make any changes?

The information we have on file may not be up-to-date or the location of your practice may have changed. In any case, we allow the ability for you to manage your own listing online (at without having to create an account or remember another password.

All that is needed is a valid email address.


  1. Make the changes that you feel is necessary.
  2. Provide a valid email address in the Your email section. This email will be required to make future changes.
  3. Click the Save Changes button when done. An email will be sent to the specified address for verification.
  4. Click the link that is included in the email to verify the changes you are trying to make.

Once you verify the changes from the email, the information displayed on our website will be updated in a few minutes. Thats it - It's that simple.

Note: To make future changes, repeat this process. You must provide this same email address. If you no longer have access to the original email address, please contact us for assistance.

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